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Montage Spotlight- Daylight

I know, the beginning is dizzying and the music made me laugh when it came on, but it’s still got some pretty good playing in it. Take a look :) Advertisements

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Gaming Newsletter 1/23/10

I know, another one so soon? But I came upon some very excellent information on various subjects that I felt obligated to share :) Midnight Launch for Two! I’ve heard many of my friends saying Mass Effect 2 was one … Continue reading

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Squad 284

Squad 284             Marcer dropped quickly behind a tree, scrunching himself up to present less of a target to the enemies on the other side. He considered moving forward, and immediately dismissed it as rash. His squad was on the … Continue reading

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Gaming Newsletter 1/14/10

Still feels wierd putting  just a “10” at the end of that date. Well anyway here you are with the best good, bad, or interesting news on gaming! MW2: The Glitches Piling Up? So yeah. When the game came out … Continue reading

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War for Cybertron Trailer

Trailer HD Doesn’t look bad to me, I’m interested in seeing more gameplay footage though.

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Modern Warfare 2 Tops 1 billion!

The Article First: Modern Warfare 2 gets a record setting amount of pre orders. Second: Modern Warfare 2 gets a record amount of sales. Third step and current, Modern Warfare 2 tops the 1 billion dollars in retail sales. That’s right, … Continue reading

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Halo: Reach GameInformer February Issue

So as some of you may know, the February issue of GameInformer contained all of the new information about Halo: Reach. Here’s a page by page summary, complete with pictures. These screencaps are not mine, and unfortunately I do not … Continue reading

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