Gaming Newsletter 1/23/10

I know, another one so soon? But I came upon some very excellent information on various subjects that I felt obligated to share :)

Midnight Launch for Two!

I’ve heard many of my friends saying Mass Effect 2 was one of their must haves this year. A lot of my PS3 friends have said the same about MAG. Well if you are one of those people then get ready! This coming monday, January 25th, Gamestop is having a midnight launch for both games! (Locations vary of course)

Straight from N4G!

Q & A with Marty O’Donnell

Gameinformer has been progressively releasing more and more information on Reach that Bungie gave them. This round we get a good look at Marty’s outlook on Halo: Reach’s music and what to expect from him. He is going for a definite new feel than the other Halos, without completely leaving the realm of instruments he used before. He’s been with Bungie working on Halo for quite some time, back all the way to 1998. We even get a look at the original Halo 1 trailer, which has the classic Halo theme that we all have come to know and love. He also tells us that he’s there for picking the characters and such as well, more than just being the music man. Marty likes using local musicians if the time calls for it, and it isn’t uncommon to find Halo fans among them. Marty is also in charge of voice acting, composing, as well as sounds, such as the new weapon sounds. Going into a little bit about how the voice acting and selection works, he closes with how easy it was to get the guys from Firefly in ODST ^^

Marty’s Q&A

Mass Effect 2 Character Cast

I won’t be picking this game up myself, but I still think it’s going to be the second best game in 2010, easily. If you haven’t gotten a good look at your new crew and characters yet then I suggest you take a look. You’ve got quite the mix to choose from, and all are easily badass, and while he may only be a tech specialist, Tali looks the best of them all.

Krogans, assassins, and mental cases coming right up.

The History of Bioware

If you’ve played Mass Effect, KOTOR, or Dragon Age then you know that Bioware knows what it’s doing when it comes to the RPG field, and it can stretch those RPGs until they are 2 or 3 different game genres in one! IGN goes into the history of them, how they started, how they made their money, etc. etc. At the end they also reveal a little fact I didn’t know myself. Bioware has 500 employees, in 3 different studos, which are in 2 different countries. That’s quite an amount, and since I can’t see them failing at a game any time soon, it’s only going to get bigger from there.

Alien v. Predator Heritage Trailer

I didn’t think too much of this when I first heard about it, but more and more I’m seeing stuff that makes me think it’s a game worth buying. Playing as the three different races is awesome of course, and I’m thinking multiplayer will be too. Form an opinion for yourself and watch it here!

2010’s Most Promising PC Games

For all those PC gamers out there, we still have games coming out too! Consoles aren’t the only games coming out this year, there are many good PC games coming out as well, some the same as the console ones. Good examples would be Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, and AvP which are all coming out for console as well. There are other less known ones as well, alongside PC exclusives. Napoleon: Total War, Supreme Commander 2, and Brink. Take a look on inside, you may find some you missed that you might be interested in!

Promising PC Games- 2010

Hope you enjoyed it guys. IGN looks like it’s having some issues with the Bioware history pages, so if that link doesn’t work wait and try again later. I will update it if they move the section.



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