MW2 Stimulus Map Pack Review

So recently details about the first Modern Warfare 2 map pack were released. Much to some people’s dismay the pack did not include new weapons, killstreaks, or spec ops missions. It contained 5 maps, 3 brand new and 2 from Call of Duty 4 aka Modern Warfare 1. These consisted of the old maps Crash and Overgrown redone, as well as the new maps Bailout, Storm, and Salvage . These were released Tuesday the 30th on XBL for 1200 MS points (or $15).  I have played them on various different gametypes and here is my analysis.


Overgrown was a generally liked map in CoD4, and that is probably why IW brought it back into MW2. With few changes overall they probably expected it to play the same way. Unfortunately MW2, while similar, is a different game than CoD4 was. The most notable aspect of this map being thermal scopes. Now while they aren’t as much of a problem as they make the map horrible, they definitely narrow the “They can’t see me” option when moving across the map. This is also exhibited in the MW2 map Wasteland (ugh). Probably the biggest issue on the map is spawns. People spawn largely in the same area, especially on the attackers side, and it is pretty easy for someone to move around the area picking off people as they spawn. Despite this, Overgrown is still reasonably balanced, though the defender’s have a slightly higher weight to their end, it isn’t enough to make every game unplayable.

Something else to make note of is that both of the bomb plants (S&D, Demolition, etc.) have a building right next to them with a window that has a complete view of the plants. In Search this isn’t as big an issue, but in Demolition it can make it more difficult to plant than is typical.

Overgrown is ranked 4th in my personal opinion out of the five maps.


When I saw the preview of Storm I immediately though “Holy crap snipers will dominate everything!” Well they do somewhat, but no more so than the average largish map. The real problem with Storm is the CAMPING! It’s like Infinity Ward said to themselves “What is the best way to make a map camp-friendly?” and then made Storm. Usually camping can be taking care of easily. Chuck a grenade or knife them, depending on the spot. Storm? What if the area they are camping is raised, large enough to pretty easily avoid a grenade, covered from a bottom perspective, and with a sight range covering a good quarter of the map as well as the ONE way up to their position? Yeah…there’s only one area like this, but there is another that is immensely similar, as well as a mountain of other excellent camping areas as well. Honestly you know there’s a problem when 3 people vote skip saying “Too much camping” or “Let’s skip the camp fest” on it’s first day out. That’s not to say it’s a horrible map overall, but camping is way more of a problem than it should be.


After I got finished laughing about the fact that there was a campable doghouse in Salvage during the preview, I thought that Salvage was just going to be Rust in snow form. That isn’t strictly true, it’s around 2 and a half times as big as Rust. Still smaller than any other map, but not almost-too-small-for-1v1 size. The map does a good job of keeping the space split up, and the ideal player count for the map would most likely be around 4v4. Overall the map is pretty fun. As long as you don’t overload it with people you should have a pretty balanced gameplay experience. Provided no one is pro and every else are noobs, but that applies to every map, so I digress ;)

Overall I ranked this 3rd out of the five maps, biting the heels off of numero dos.


Ah Crash. My friend was until MW2 an avid CoD4 player, while I merely played it from time to time on my laptop. He lauded Crash as one of the best maps of all time. I didn’t personally think of it very much either way, except with the player amount in CoD4 one team could get spawn trapped incredibly easily. It adapts to MW2 quite well, the only exception being that one roof area has a very dominating view of 2 key areas of the map, however since it is the only area people can usually take care of it farely quickly. I like the map quite a bit myself and enjoy the various combat areas it provides. With this in mind, it barely pulls ahead of Salvage because of those varying areas.

Crash wins 2nd place out of all 5 maps!


When I first heard that an apartment complex was going too be a map, I immediately thought two things. One, that I would love it, and two, that it would play like Broadcast from CoD4, my favorite map from the game. Well I was right in that I love the map. I was wrong due to the fact it doesn’t really play like Broadcast. Instead of the outside fighting in, the sides are half out half in, and the inside only has one route through it. The map is big, but being split by the inside, and the outside being split in two itself, the map is massive. If you count only combat area and not wasted space (Wasteland is a great example) Bailout is probably second or third biggest out of all the maps, with Quarry being the only one that really stands out ahead of it. While MW2 has less players than are probably ideal for he map, it isn’t by much. This will quite likely become one of the best Ground War maps that exist ^^

As goes without saying Bailout is my personal favorite out of all five maps.

I hope this helps and see you next time!


My overall rating for storm is 5th out of  the five maps.



About Dominic Ricci

Dominic has worked in the industry as both a producer and designer, absorbing many skill sets and branching out as much as he can with his experience to be as competitive as possible. He feels video games are the premier medium for thoughts and expressions in the world, and he wants to help make those experiences as successful as possible. Outside of work, health and fitness are also passions that Dominic holds, and nothing is more fun than going to the gym and then crashing at home to play a game with some friends.
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9 Responses to MW2 Stimulus Map Pack Review

  1. BWO K1LLR0Y says:

    Good Review Fireskull, you brought up all the key problems and successes of each map. I enjoyed this review and I agree entirely. I also think you forgot to bring up the spawning problem on Storm, where is spawns on of your team-mates in the enemy spawn area if you are on the attackers(?) side at the beginning of each game.

    • Fireskull says:

      I’ve only noticed that a few times while I was playing. I think it only happens under certain criteria, but I’m not sure so I didn’t want to mention it. Although Overgrown has some really wierd spawn issues…

  2. H4Z4RD says:

    So overall do you think its worth 1200 microsoft points?

    • Fireskull says:

      Not if you have any other game you are playing right now. Bailout and Salvage might be worth $6, but all five are not worth $15.

      Seeing as we only have a month until Reach Beta…I leave it up to you.

  3. H4Z4RD says:

    Thanks, I was thinking about buying but since theirs just a month left till the Beta and that I have Supreme Commander 2, I think Ill pass.

  4. mw2 says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could write a detailed mw2 guide on kill streaks. I would really appreciate it.

  5. emptyaddy says:

    MW2’s spawn protocol is completely broken. Nothing like killing an enemy and have them spawn right behind you and kill you before you can finish reloading, with slight of hand, the very clip that killed them less than 5 seconds earlier. Spawning under a harrier strike even though your ENTIRE team is on the other side of the map, spawning in the middle of being fired upon (yes, your avatar is literally digitizing and the enemy dumps a 1/4th their clip into you before you even have a HUD), spawning into a spawn (2x wait time with a screen flicker) because you literally were killed again that fast, and my favorite……spawning into a coincidental swinging knife…yes….@infinitywardFAIL

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