Clash of the Titans

Now. Here I am going to review the new movie Clash of the Titans. If you are looking for an actor list or something else, please go to a movie site instead, say imdb, and they have the list of all quadrillion of them.

I mainly went to see Clash of the Titans because my friend said it was pretty good. I still didn’t expect an awesome movie, but it was enough to make me go to see it.

The Movie

Um…how many loosely Greek Mythology based movies have been made so far? Not to mention books? Well it seems that after someone decides that they are making a Greek themed movie they are going to take a general theme, in this case “I guy named Perseus went on a quest to save someone”  and then mold as much random Greek Myth stuff in as they could. There are some minor things changed, Kraken isn’t supposed to be a mountain sized normal monster that even the gods feared, made by Hades and used to kill Kronos. I’m leaving that in because the thing is in the commercial trailer. The p*****s isn’t supposed to be black either, etc. etc. Then there are things where they make the majority of the movie about how Perseus is ************ and in mythology he’s the *** of a different ***… crap I have to leave that part out due to spoilers… well basically they changed whatever they wanted to fit into the movie. I don’t mind using Greek things in the movie to help it with the theme, it’s just annoying when they completely change it to fit the movie, not fit the thing into the existing movie. It gives me the feeling that they need the Mythology things to make the movie, instead of using the mythological stuff in a movie idea they already had. Then there’s just plain random stuff. There are magicians that are made of bark. Bark. They actually say that they are made of BARK.

The Plot

Pretty generic. Following the general Greek Myth scheme of things, humans were created by Zeus, worship them, Titans were beaten, you probably know the story. If you don’t, read the Oddysey or the Illiad. Or both. Basically the humans are forsaking the gods, gods are getting mad, and mad Zeus lets Hades do whatever he wants with the humans. Our protagonist is Perseus, a demigod who is trying to save the city of Argos. The story consists of him trying to find something to kill the Kraken with, and then Hades, as well as figuring out who he wants to be IN LIFE. Action scenes are decent, but pretty long, and take up a very large portion of the movie that probably should have been spent more on character advancement. Example being below. The only “big” twist in the movie isn’t really that shocking…at all…we pretty much see it coming…anyway below is a spoiler with what I thought was an odd scene, if you haven’t seen the movie you probably will not get it anyway, but if you don’t care feel free to take a look.


When Ios is dying Perseus suddenly starts caring about her, a lot, and when he has only had annoyance or hostility towards her before. Even if not, he certainly never showed any indication of having any particular feelings for her. I though that was a bit odd.



This includes both acting and character advancement during the movie. Overall the acting in the movie was decent- not bad but nothing special, except on the part of one of Perseus’s guard whose acting I think was quite well done. Character advancement in the movie screams one huge thing. RUSH! It all feels crammed in as much as possible. I’m serious when I say this movie could have been great if they put in another, say hour or so, and used it towards developing the story and characters more. Not that I expect that these days, but I’m putting it out there. Perseus seems to jump from one extreme straight to another throughout the entire movie. There doesn’t seem to be much transition at all. His relationships with the other characters especially seems to be doing a little bunny hop between whether he is annoyed by them or he likes them.


Special effects in no way make a movie…with the possible exception of Avatar…but for what they’re worth the special effects in Clash of the Titans are well done. Especially apparent in the Kraken fight scene, the water and motion effects were done very nicely.


The movie wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t really anything that we haven’t seen before. After talking it over with some other people that have seen the movie, I’m going to be giving it a seven out of ten rating. There are some parts of the movie that just plain do not make any sense at all. So I tried to not include that in the review, because it’s probably just my opinion. So basically worth seeing if you prefer action over the story, or just plain love greek mythology, but it probably isn’t going to WOW you.

7/10 Rating

Oh yeah

The bark people >.>


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Dominic has worked in the industry as both a producer and designer, absorbing many skill sets and branching out as much as he can with his experience to be as competitive as possible. He feels video games are the premier medium for thoughts and expressions in the world, and he wants to help make those experiences as successful as possible. Outside of work, health and fitness are also passions that Dominic holds, and nothing is more fun than going to the gym and then crashing at home to play a game with some friends.
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