Interview with bs angel aka HawtyMcBloggy!

In the middle of her clever schemings, I managed to corner angel for an interview in between her busy schedule and get her to answer some questions about her blogging and gaming interests. Want to see? Read on.

Q: What first got you interested in blogging?
A: I am in dire need of coming up with a witty and interesting response to this question because the real answer is so incredibly boring. The fact of the matter is I was sitting around one afternoon with absolutely nothing to do and decided to start a blog. On nothing more than a whim, I chose video games as the subject matter since that’s one of my favorite hobbies, and the rest is history!
Q: Ah that’s fine! Many great things have sprung from people being bored! Electricity, the Atomic Bomb, Einstein and many others! Then, after the boredom wore off, is there anything in particular that made you stick with it all this time?

    A: I’ve always liked writing, almost as much as I enjoy playing video games, so the marriage between the two was really quite perfect. I view the articles almost like a challenge. My goal is to make the most mundane things fun and interesting to read about. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I succeed, but I always have a blast. Hopefully others do too!

Q: Fail? I haven’t seen that anywhere on your website. Which leads us to this- How involved were you in internet communities before you started blogging?
A: I was active in the gaming world before I started blogging, however I had a habit of staying behind a private community’s closed doors. I spent more than three happy years happily calling Tied the Leader my home but once I started my website, I felt the pull of the more general gaming community. Now I enjoy my own group where I’m blessed with numerous amazing members that I love playing and chatting with on an almost daily basis!
Q: Now you can be lazy and not leave your website! Luuuuucky! Have you branched out to any other communities in general? Or have you stuck to Halo oriented ones?

   A: I tend to stick to Halo communities and primarily just my own. I have an incredible lack of patience with the assholes that troll the net so rather than deal with them, I stay at the places where I know people are kind, laid back, and just there to enjoy the conversation.

Q: How big a part of your life was gaming of your life when you starting blogging? Has it changed any since then?
A: Before my blog, gaming was always my go to hobby. Free evenings, more than a few a week if I was lucky, were spent on Live, usually on the virtual Halo battlefield. The funny thing about blogging about gaming is that it significantly impacts the actual amount of time you have to participate in gaming. Nowadays I tend to focus on my blog during the week and gaming on the weekends. I’m happy with the balance as I greatly enjoy both.
Q: Sounds like you have it all planned out. Do you still play Halo mainly, or have you moved on (Just a little bit of course) as Halo 3 aged on?

A: I play a lot of different games and genres, everything from Peggle to Dead Space to Viva Pinata. Those games are simply mistresses to me however. I always go back to Master Chief, always. <3

Q: Out of all the funny, amusing, hilarious, or just plain wierd stuff you show on your blog, what things still make you laugh the most?
A: I love unintended (or even intended!) sexual humor within games, video game-themed projects gone wrong, and things of that nature. More than that though I enjoy reveling in the passion the gaming community holds and things that are born out of that devotion. Fan-made cosplay, confectionery delights, videos, tattoos, anything that requires an above average dedication to gaming delights me. Those things bring their creators so much joy that you just can’t help but take pleasure in them as well.
Q: You have A LOT of different things that you post on your blog. I love Zero Puncuation myself in particular. How did you find all of it? Painstakingly scouring the internet? Bribing people to painstakingly do it for you? Something in the middle?

 A: I do receive tips sometimes, which I always appreciate, but the majority of my stories come from things I have seen on my internet travels. I have a handful of usual haunts that I visit when I’m in search of blog content, and those places tend to change as my website continues its constant evolution. Bribing isn’t a bad idea though, I just may have to start that!

Q: Any shoutouts you would like to give to the community?

I’d like to give the entire community a big shout-out. Whether you’re a good friend, someone who goes out of their way to teabag my face in matchmaking, or something in between, it just wouldn’t be the same without you. <3

Well thanks! If you guys want to see more of her, or didn’t know about her before, you can see her stuff here!


About Dominic Ricci

Dominic has worked in the industry as both a producer and designer, absorbing many skill sets and branching out as much as he can with his experience to be as competitive as possible. He feels video games are the premier medium for thoughts and expressions in the world, and he wants to help make those experiences as successful as possible. Outside of work, health and fitness are also passions that Dominic holds, and nothing is more fun than going to the gym and then crashing at home to play a game with some friends.
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