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New Crysis Multiplayer Trailer

The new trailer for Crysis 2’s multiplayer is very disappointing. Crysis 1’s multiplayer was unique. You had to balance your armor’s abilities well or you had no chance at winning in a game. It took planning, skill, and more than … Continue reading

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My IGN Visit

So my uncle works half the time in the same building that IGN does. He mentioned it last month and I was like REALLY???? REALLLLLLY? YOU’RE SURE RIGHT? AAAAAWESOME. And I ended up getting to have a tour around their … Continue reading

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New Header

Made a new header with my planet in it. Still not as good as I would like, but decent nonetheless.

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Feminine Jedi Knight SWTOR Trailer

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Plants vs Zombies Review

Plants vs Zombies Review ┬áHaving just finished 90% of Plants vs Zombies and with a moderate amount of replay value still available, I have to say that I am impressed with what developer PopCap has come up with this time … Continue reading

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Inception Movie Review

Inception is the movie everyone is buzzing about this summer. Many are calling it the new Matrix, and are naming it the best movie of the year, or at least the summer. Is it true? Well let’s just see shall … Continue reading

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