Gaming Update 10/22/10: Dota 2 & Ballad of Gay Tony

Gaming Update 10/22/10: Dota 2 & Ballad of Gay Tony Court Issues

Hey guys. This is something that I’m doing as part of my updates over at so I’m porting it over here for any who might be interested.

Valve Pops the Cap

Valve recently let the cat out of the bag last week and revealed their new game. Dota 2 is named after a very popular Warcraft III mod called “Defense of the Ancients”. It spawned many offshoots, one being League of Legends. League of Legends, or LoL, gives a new spin to Real Time Strategy using a dynamic new 5v5 competitive match mechanic. Two teams start at level one every match and have to level up during it to earn new powers and abilities, health, and mana. Leveling up as a whole in the game does not affect you in every match, because it just contributes to how you progress during each game, giving you small advantages that are helpful, but not game breaking to those of lower level. Gameplay focuses around scheduled waves of AI mobs of different types. The “Heroes” job’s are to tip the otherwise equal scales of the AI encounters their team’s way. This creates very coordinative gameplay, and makes teamwork a necessity.

Valve stated that they are leaving the gameplay virtually unchanged, and are simply bringing their level of polish and design to an already great gaming system. Look here to see the details of what Valve is bringing to the table, and how it will affect the game.

Ballad Getting Busted, or Hoax?

The Ballad of Gay Tony Expansion for Grand Theft Auto 4 by Rockstar is widely regarded as one of the best pieces of DLC in gaming history, and a court in Brazil is seeking its immediate ceasing of sales. Not however, for the reason that you may think. No the court is seeking the ban not because of any violence, sexual themes, or liberal use of a touchy word in the expansion’s title, but because Rockstar allegedly used a song without its artist’s permission. If true, this could be very bad to Rockstar, as it still a very highly selling expansion. Gameinformer is keeping tabs on the issue, so stay tuned for any updates.

Minor Updates

Halo: Reach’s second playlist update is up.

Gknova6 has new footage up of a new zombies type in Black Ops.

– Hobbit movie gets some cast.

– Minecraft Halloween Update details released.

Halo: Reach FLAG Tournament!

Game Media Roundup

Diablo III

Red Dead Zombies by Dr. Seuss

Blacklight Tango Down

Hope you enjoyed it!



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