Gaming Update 10/29/10: Force Unleashed, Fable, and Undead Nightmare

Gaming Update 10/29/10: Force Unleashed, Fable, and Undead Nightmare

Review Roundup

Well there are certainly some interesting results in the reviews this week. Some expectations are met, some exceeded, and others…smashed into the ground by a steel-tipped, spiky, boot.

Fable III: The expectations for Fable III weren’t very biased either way running up to its release. People were, as with all games, hoping that it would be better than its predecessor, but the information released up until the game came out did not serve to “Wow” people. Fable IIIs post-release reviews were expected in many areas. It improves on this this and this, does this wrong, could do this better, and so on, but many reviewers felt that it was more of an equal title to Fable II, instead of its own new game. So while some were disappointed, others merely saw what they might have expected already. A good game, but not a revolutionary one.

Force Unleashed 2: So earlier I mentioned that a spiked boot stepping on the expectations for Force Unleashed 2 might well represent the feelings that those who played the game experienced when they finished it. That might not have been clear, the phrases “Smashed by a ten ton block of concrete” and “Fell from a building as tall as the Himalayas” could also apply. There was quite the hype for Force Unleashed 2 before it came out. Star Wars is a universally loved universe, and many felt that if FU2 fixed many of the issues in the first game, while including the intriguing story that the first had, then it had the potential to be a spectacular game and possibly one of the best of the year…it didn’t work out that way. Force Unleashed 2s most notable improvement was the entirely cosmetic addition of two lightsabers, and the easier to use Force Push ability. The story fell flat, the gameplay added little, and overall it fell short of every possible expectation. Biggest dissapointment of the year? Yes, quite possibly.

Undead Nightmare, RDR DLC: This piece of DLC had more hype than you could express in a single lifetime. Ever since it was leaked that there was zombie DLC for Red Dead Redemption, people wanted it. Now, three DLC packs later, how does Undead Nightmare hold up? The answer is- it surpassed all expectations. Reviewers are calling it the model that DLC should follow, and it has one of the highest average ratings for any downloadable content ever released. Its blend of zombie madness, western style, and excellent story themes, combined to make it truly something to remember. It is currently available for 800 Microsoft Points, or ten dollars for those who own Red Dead Redemption. If you do not have RDR then go out and buy it, and then buy the DLC. :)

Gameinformer Review Hub

Minor Updates

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Game Media Roundup

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That’s this week! Hope you enjoyed it guys!



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