Gaming Update 11/5/10: Lots of Media

Gaming Update 11/5/10: Lots of Media

Not much to write about this week, but lots of media! I’m writing a short story, starting tonight, which will hopefully be out by Sunday night. Enjoy!


Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam



Play4Free Battlefield Trailer



Dead Rising 2: Costumes



Mindjack 2011 Trailer



Star Wars: The Old Republic: Imperial Agent Trailer



Tron Evolution: Developer Behind the Scenes



Call of Duties: Launch Trailer, Wager Matches, and Combat Training Gameplay







Halo Reach: Accolades Trailer



And the crown of them all, Dead Space 2: Lullaby Trailer



I hope that all those trailers were good  for you guys. Look forward to the story, and remember, all my story writing is up there on the top right!




About Dominic Ricci

Dominic has worked in the industry as both a producer and designer, absorbing many skill sets and branching out as much as he can with his experience to be as competitive as possible. He feels video games are the premier medium for thoughts and expressions in the world, and he wants to help make those experiences as successful as possible. Outside of work, health and fitness are also passions that Dominic holds, and nothing is more fun than going to the gym and then crashing at home to play a game with some friends.
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