Updates 12/19/10 + More Trailers! *Trailers Fixed*

Hey guys, I just wanted to get an update out about the Christmas season and the near future in the upcoming year. I recently had surgery on my knee last week, and I have more or less finished from recovering at this point. Besides some residual pain and soreness, I am at least back on my feet and walking. Starting this week I’ll be getting back into my same routine, and that includes working on stuff for here, my site. I plan to be getting three games this Christmas: Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Fallout: New Vegas. I DO plan to get a review out on at least one of them, and I also plan to write another short story during break. The review won’t be out until January sometime, so expect it around then. For now, here’s some notable gaming trailers that were released this week.

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer DLC Trailer

Crysis 2 “Be the Weapon” Trailer

Fallout New Vegas Dead Money DLC Trailer

Star Wars The Old Republic “Revenge of the Sith” Story Vlog

Have a great Christmas everyone! I fixed the trailers :)



About Dominic Ricci

Dominic has worked in the industry as both a producer and designer, absorbing many skill sets and branching out as much as he can with his experience to be as competitive as possible. He feels video games are the premier medium for thoughts and expressions in the world, and he wants to help make those experiences as successful as possible. Outside of work, health and fitness are also passions that Dominic holds, and nothing is more fun than going to the gym and then crashing at home to play a game with some friends.
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2 Responses to Updates 12/19/10 + More Trailers! *Trailers Fixed*

  1. Tony says:

    Hey buddy–great site! I enjoyed looking through it and reading your stories. I was finally able to get a chance to browse now that finals are over with. I’ll keep checking up on your site to see your updates. Congrats on putting together such an awesome site. I’ll see you on Friday!

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