Music Introduction: The Monster

I’m going to do a series of small posts for songs that I like in order to spread them around a bit. I don’t like a lot of indie songs or anything like that, but what I do like is spread across quite a few genres and a fair amount of different generations. What I’ll do is just a quick paragraph or so on how I feel about the song, and I’ll let people develop their opinion on the rest. Music is a very subjective art form so I’ll let each song appeal to whomever it may appeal to. This is really not meant to be an in depth look at these songs, just my opinion on them.

The Monster is what I would call the spiritual successor to Love the Way You Lie. Rihanna has the pop hook for the song, while Eminem makes up the bulk of the song with his rapping. That song was very popular for a number of reasons, and I feel The Monster has a lot of the same appeal. It’s a song to listen to for a fairly upbeat background of an activity, or to sing along with. The topic of insanity is also very appealing for some people as far as the content of the song is concerned. The mix of Eminem and Rihanna could make this appeal to rap fans that don’t usually listen to more top forty songs, and same with top forty fans who wouldn’t normally listen to Eminem too often. (I know top forty can include Eminem, I’m more talking about the type of music that often fills the category) Without further adieu here’s the song.

iTunes Link to the Song


About Dominic Ricci

Dominic has worked in the industry as both a producer and designer, absorbing many skill sets and branching out as much as he can with his experience to be as competitive as possible. He feels video games are the premier medium for thoughts and expressions in the world, and he wants to help make those experiences as successful as possible. Outside of work, health and fitness are also passions that Dominic holds, and nothing is more fun than going to the gym and then crashing at home to play a game with some friends.
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